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When moving one of the room most families dread packing the most is their child’s. Overflowing toy boxes, stuff crammed under the beds, and who know’s what in the closet. It’s an epic task to take on, usually with just as much cleaning needed as packing. But with a move comes a new room and a clean slate. 

Here are my top tips to keeping an organized child’s room (and for longer than 2 hours):

The most important step is to downscale the amount of stuff your child has. Toys are usually the number one culprit when it comes to a child’s clutter. Plan a day to have a massive clean sweep with your child where you work together what toys stay and which need to go. The more you can clean out the less you’ll have to move and the easier it will be to organize at the new house.

As you decide what stays think about the different categories the remaining toys fall into it. Which does your child reach for the most? Do they like to play with trains and action figures at the same time but just legos by themselves? Asking yourself these questions will help you to create organizational categories that make sense to your child.

Once you have some categories decided on, think about how to organize them. What systems do you already have in place and how do they work for your child? One of the biggest stumbling blocks families face in maintaining an organized home with children is a lack of understanding for how much a child can handle.

Keeping things simple with baskets and buckets toys can be placed in can make a huge difference in how tidy a room stays. Zippered, closed, sectioned or stacked containers, especially for young children, are harder to manage. Paired with piles of toys a child can become quickly overwhelmed at cleanup time.

By cutting down on the number of toys your child has, organizing them in a way that makes sense to how your child plays with them and opting for open containers sets your child up for cleaning success. The simpler you can make it the easier it is for them to take on the task. Pairing this setup with learning habits like cleaning up one set of toys before moving on to another will keep your child’s room tidy for months, and even years, to come.

And the biggest secret to avoid clutter from building up again? Before each birthday, holiday or gift receiving event go through your child’s toy collection and clean out what they no longer use to make room for new toys. If you want to go even further, encourage friends and family to gift your child experiences instead of material goods for celebrations.

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No doubt, your gazebo is a great place to get out of the sun. Staying under a pergola shields you from the sun but does not stop the heat associated with the summer. Fortunately, you can use your gazebo in such a way that it will not only serve as cover, but it will stay cool during summer. Here are some steps you can take to make your pergola stay cool: 

Outdoor fans 

Not every fan is ideal for use outdoors; choose fans that come with all-weather plastic blades and corrosion-resistant materials. Also, make sure the wire casings of such fans are sealed and water-resistant. So, when looking for the right fan for your gazebo, you should consider wet-rated outdoor fans that can withstand conditions like snow, wind, and rain. You might think of other option if your gazebo is completely enclosed.

You can also install an outdoor ceiling fan in your gazebo. They are useful for cooling. There are various models of ceiling fans designed for gazebos and also have different powering options. Another possibility is a portable fan that you can use outdoors. Most of these fans require electricity; a few run on solar power and batteries. 


Misters spray water particle that absorbs heat into the atmosphere. The particle absorbs heat and turns into vapor cooling the surrounding by a process known as ‘cooling by evaporation. ' You can reduce ambient temperature by about 30 degrees with this method. Some of the portable fans mentioned earlier can feature a mister, or you may decide to install it in addition to a fan. 

Swamp coolers

They are also known as evaporative coolers. Swamp coolers employ the power of evaporation to produce air that is cool and moist. They cool the surrounding air by pushing warm air through a pad soaked in water. This device uses little electricity. Some swamp coolers run on the same amount of power you will use to light up a 60-watt bulb. 

A portable swamp cooler is an excellent option for your gazebo. The devices come in different models, most runs on electricity and there are solar models, too. It is worth noting that some portable coolers come with wheels while others come without wheels. 

Apart from that, they come in different capacities depending on the size of the water tank as well as the cubic feet per minute of air the cooler can move.

If you are looking for ways to make your patio cooler this summer, these ideas will make your gazebo awesome for summer hangouts.

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When you read the newspaper or listen to the news, it is likely that you come across economic indicators of your local real estate market even when you don’t know that they are. Most people do not pay attention to these indicators because they do not affect them directly. However, it is essential that you have a clear understanding of these indicators before investing in real estate or any other business. 

These economic indicators will help you understand the housing market better. The real gauges to keep an eye on are the level of sales, home prices, the number of ongoing construction, mortgage rates among others. To understand the future of the housing market, you need to understand the key economic indicators. 

Home construction

There is an increase in the rate of home constructions this year. With the fall of mortgage rates, experts expect that the prices will drop further this year. This price change is good news if you are looking to buy a home this year. 

Mortgage rates

After about ten years of unstable mortgage rates, the decision of the Federal Reserve to adjust its policy has given room for mortgage rates to drop. A better understanding of the nuances of mortgage rates will help you to know when to invest. You can also speak to your bank to ask what their projections are for mortgage rates.

Home sales volume 

There is a reduction in home sales when the price rises. That is, the sales volume tends to reduce whenever the prices of homes go up. Based on the report from Zillow, when the housing market is doing great, the economy of the country soars significantly. On the other hand, when the market goes down, the economy will decline with it. 

The inventory on the market

The number of homes available for in sale in spring of last year was fewer than now. Presently, there is better inventory that is preferable to what happened at the beginning of last year.

The economic indicators mentioned above will keep you informed on the recent trends in the housing market. However, you need to be aware of some other critical factors to be fully aware of what is happening in the real estate market in the country. These factors include buyers and sellers' preferences, student debt, employment rates, household-formation among others.

Understanding market indicators will help you choose the best time for you to invest in real estate. Consult a real estate agent for the latest reports in your area.

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30 Depot Street , Brewster, MA 02631

Brewster (village)



Total Rooms
Stunning, Extraordinary, Beautiful, Handsome, Incomparable..are words that barely begin to describe this historic Farmhouse treasure. Located on a perfectly level 1.3 Acres in the heart of Brewster. Lovingly rebuilt from the ground up with the utmost sense of style, and attention to even the smallest detail. The home functions as a Cape getaway and present like a loft in the city! A perfect blend of two desired lifestyles. There isn't anything to do except go to the market and stock up with cold drinks, groceries and then wander about the yard imagining all the things you can do..gardens, pool? Wood floors, up and down; gas fireplace in the living room; first floor laundry/mud room with separate entry. A spot to cherish. Click ''Virtual Tour'' below for Video, Floor Plan & Matterport
Open House
No scheduled Open Houses

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Posted by Peggy Farber on 7/1/2019

This Condo in Brewster, MA recently sold for $200,000. This style home was sold by Peggy Farber - Gibson Sotheby's International Realty.

135 Crescent Lane , Brewster, MA 02631

Brewster (village)


Sale Price

Total Rooms
Full/Half Baths
This is your perfect Cape Cod get-a-way at an attractive price point! Just the right size with 2 bedrooms and 2 and 1/2 baths with second floor laundry hook ups. Located on the inner circle of Crescent Lane. So many amenities offered at The Colony with both indoor and outdoor pools, tennis, clubhouse and the grounds are well maintained and lovely. All right in the heart of Brewster and convenient to everything from beaches to brunches!This Townhouse has the advantage of being ready to make it your very own, with all your own taste in the upgrades. It has been freshly painted and wood composite flooring laid in living area. Sliders to your patio and reserved parking in front. Come and take a look and be in by summer!!

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